Lawyers DVD Box Set

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Lawyers DVD Box Set
  • Released By : YA Entertainment
  • Korean Live TV Drama
  • Language : Korean
  • Subtitle : English
  • Running Time : Approx. 16 Hours
  • Region : All
  • Contains All 16 Episodes on 6 DVDs

Joo-Hee's (Jung Hye-Young, Phoenix) perfect life comes crashing down when her engagement to aspiring lawyer Suk-Ki (Kim Sung-Soo, Full House) ends abruptly. Years pass, and Joo-Hee finds a job as a secretary in a big law firm. Secretly, Joo-Hee falls in love with her boss, the honorable young lawyer Suh Jung-Ho (Kim Sang-Kyung, Turning Gate), who happens to be married. Things get complicated when Suk-Ki joins the law firm to fight a high profile case. Bitter rivals, Suk-Ki and Jung-Ho face off in a tug of war between ambition and reason, with love-lost Joo-Hee caught in the middle.