Ladies Full Of Love Graphic Novel

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Ladies Full Of Love Graphic Novel
  • Publisher : Project-H
  • Creator : Takayoshi Sano
  • Genre : Hentai, Erotica, Fetish, Romance manga
  • Rating : M for Adults 18+ Only
  • Type : Single Volume
  • Format : Softcover, Black & White
  • Size : 5.825" x 8.25"

Clumsy Masato is on a mission! If he can just travel back in time and change one tiny little detail from his fateful tryst with the super-sexy Kaori, then his lousy life will finally turn out perfectlyαor will it? Was Masato's fumbling first time actually meant to be a total disaster?

Ladies Full of Love lets schoolboys, cyborgs, and gorgeous crushes mix it up in hot and hilarious tales of passionate action! How far will one guy go to secure the affections of his quarrelsome swim coach? And can two identical kimono-clad girls actually be better than one?