Kokudo Oh The Black Eye King DVD Vol. 04

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Kokudo Oh The Black Eye King DVD Vol. 04
  • Released By : Nutech
  • Length : NA minutes
  • Language: English and Japanese
  • Subtitles: English
  • Region : All

Bosarre is a small mountainous country, nestled between two great empires, Rohan and Geild. Trying to maintain its independence, the new king, Isiodore, is offered a princess from each empire as his bride. The princesses, Bellecher (Monica Mayhem) and Ariel (Aria Giovanni), are to live with Isiodore for a month and a half before he makes his choice. Matters become complicated when Ariel's father, the Emperor of Geild, become fatally ill. Apparently, the next emperor is Geild is interested in welcoming Bellecher as his bride. The Rohan General Hellin wants Isiodore to choose Bellecher, so he could stage Bossare as the next battleground in his campaign to conquer the Geild Empire. If Isiodore chooses Bellecher as his bride, the next Geild emperor might try to wage war with Bosarre...Isiodore must carefully maneuver under these delicate circumstances. To correct Bellecher's arrogant attitude, she is forced to be Isiodore's sex slave.Wearing a blindfold and a collar, Ariel is forced on her hands and knees.Follow the sexy adventures of Isiodore and his two princesses!

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