Kizuna Deluxe Edition Graphic Novel 06

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Kizuna Deluxe Edition Graphic Novel 06
  • Publisher : June
  • Rated : Mature 18+
  • Author : Kazuma Kodaka
  • Genre : Yaoi
  • Format : Black & White
  • Size : 5" X 7.25"

How do you tell your father that you are dating another man? Both Kei and Ranmaru had enough √ they don't want to go on like this. Telling everyone, ⌠we are just roommates÷ and ⌠we are just friends.÷ They want to tell his father that they are in a committed relationshipα but how? And when..? They know they could only keep this up for so long. They will be moving into his father's house soon. And things are about to stir up even more √ its time to pick who will be taking over Sagano Group.