Kizuna Deluxe Edition Graphic Novel 04

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Kizuna Deluxe Edition Graphic Novel 04
  • Publisher : June
  • Rated : Mature 18+
  • Author : Kazuma Kodaka
  • Genre : Yaoi
  • Format : Black & White
  • Size : 5" X 7.25"

Ranmaru and Kei have fnally snuck away for their sweet, delayed honeymoon! But what are Kai and Masa doing in Kyoto, too?! Kei wants nothing more than a little peace and quiet (and passion) with his beloved. But troublemaker Kai's tagging along and looking to raise hell in order to get Masa to confess his deepest feelings for the "family trasure!" Will any of these men get the vacation they truly desire?

Kizuna throbs with the pulse of racing hearts, rushed confessions and real devotion! Ranmaru has conquered impossible odds in order to be with his lover Kei, and he may need his partner's wisdom and steady hand more than ever as he faces a return to the sport that once defined him. Will Ranmaru only find the answers he seeks with a sword in his hand?