Kingdom of the Winds Graphic Novel 02

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Kingdom of the Winds Graphic Novel 02
  • Publisher : NETCOMICS
  • Rated : For Age 13+
  • Creator : Kimjin
  • Genre : Drama, Fantasy
  • Format : Black & White
  • Size : Approx. 5" X 7"
  • Page : 224

Princess Seryu makes the fateful decision to travel to Dugok in order to protect the king and her brother Muhyul rather than journey home to protect her brother's wife Princess Yeon and their newly-born son Hodong. It will be a choice whose ramifications will shake the foundations of ancient Korea. Meanwhile, the demon Hyunmu advises King Daeso of Buyeo to wage war against Goguryeo, but the evil king wants to offer a final chance of surrender before attacking the young kingdom. The Crown Prince Muhyul, his shoulders already growing weary from his royal duties, suddenly finds that the decision to surrender belongs to him and him alone. And while the armies mobilize for war, back home the demon Hyunmu sneaks into the palace where lies the defenseless princess and her baby..