Kaleido Star New Wings DVD 06

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Kaleido Star New Wings DVD 06
  • Released By : ADV
  • Length : 100 min
  • Language : English/Japanese
  • Subtitle : English
  • Region : 1
  • Contains 4 Episodes

Vol. 06 A Kaleido Star is Born

Leon pushes Sora to new extremes as he continues her special training to perfect the Angel's Maneuver. After experiencing new lows, she soars to new heights. Just when it seems that Sora's dream will finally become a reality, a challenger for the lead role comes along. Sora's determination to keep her role forces her to face her competition head on. Her heart starts racing.. Her stomach is full of butterflies.. She experiences the thrill of competition.. and she likes it. After an impressive audition, the lead role is decided and the show goes on! Will Sora be able to perform a perfect Angel's Maneuver and awaken everyone's angel hearts? You'll just have to watch to find out!