Ishika & Honori DVD Game

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Ishika & Honori DVD Game
  • Publish By : Hirameki
  • Rated : Mature 15+
  • Region : 1
  • Contains Special Art Book & DVD Game

Note: PS2 users can only use this software on DVD players ver. 2.10 and above. May not operate properly on all PC's. Recommended playing this game on a DVD player.

In this super interactive DVD game, you play Araka, a Dispatch Coordinator for the Paranormal Defense Force (PDF). You support PDF agents Ishika and Honori, twin priestesses with shamanistic powers and a penchant for getting into trouble. Ishika and Honori are as cute as they are clumsy. Ishika is far too sweet a girl to ever effectively use her stupendous skills at spell-casting. while super strong Honori jumps blindly into battle before ever knowing what she's getting herself into. Can you help Ishika and Honori regain the totem spirit creatures that fuel their psychic powers and defeat the masters of paranormal evil? It won't be easy -- possessing spirits never is.

Ishika & Honori is a great new interactive DVD anime game that you can play with any standard DVD player and remote control. It features interactive story lines and multiple endings, the ability to save your game with its unique password system, and over five hours of story! And the game is fully translated into English by Hirameki International, so you can enjoy the game story.