Incredible Kintaro Graphic Novel

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Incredible Kintaro Graphic Novel
  • Publisher : 801 Media
  • Rated : 18+
  • Creator : Naomi Guren
  • Genre : Yaoi, Romance, Smut, Comedy
  • Format : Black & White

Thanks to the incredible last words of his grandfather, young and adorable Makoto's virginity is the target of every teacher who wants to be principal of his school! Will fleeing to the mountains to recruit his childhood friend Kintaro be the answer to his prayers╬▒and wildest fantasies?

The Incredible Kintaro lets loose with furious fighting, crackpot inventions╬▒and amazing romance! In the face of danger, can a beloved bodyguard become something more? And will a school legacy survive the worst efforts of loonies and lechers?