Hot for Teachers DVD

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Hot for Teachers DVD
  • Released By : Adult Source Media
  • Adults Only
  • Length : 96 min
  • Language : English
  • Region : 1

Nightingale University is known for it's academic programs, extracurricular activity, sprawling campus... but most of all, Nightingale U is best known for it's diversified Lesbian Student Bodies & the Female Faculty members who crave them.

When Swim Team Captain, Misti Dawn, gets caught in the showers smoking a cigarette, Coach Kayme Kai threatens to take away her scholarship unless Misti performs the Breast stroke & the Clit stroke!

Trouble makers Ashli Orion & Kodi Gamble get themselves in quite the conundrum after they are nailed red-handed fooling around by their nosy English professor.

Psych professor, Nikki Daniels, corners her rebellious student, Jennifer Sloan, at her locker to find out why Jen skipped class, only to be met with a rather aggressive Jennifer acting way too cool for school.

Winding down in the Teachers Lounge after a long day, Professors Coco Velvett & Vanessa Naughty indulge in their fantasies with a full blown Lez-Fest!