Hikikomori (NEET) T-Shirt (Black)

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Hikikomori (NEET) T-Shirt (Black)
  • Produced By : J-List
  • Material : 100% Pure Cotton
  • Image : Large Front Print
  • Title : Hikikomori (NEET)
  • T-Shirt Color : Black

In Japanese, "Hikikomori" (hee-kee-koh-moh-ree) refers to the generation of otaku who love to stay indoors and interact with computer games, watch anime or DVDs and generally shun the outside world as much as possible. It's closely associated to the phenomenon of NEET, aka "Not Involved in Employment, Education or Training," and it's a major part of contemporary Internet otaku culture. This great T-shirt captures the fear these people feel when they go outside and try to deal with the world at large.