High School of the Dead Graphic Novel 07

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High School of the Dead Graphic Novel 07
  • Publisher : Yen Press
  • Rated : M For Mature
  • Story by Daisuke Sato & Shouji Sato
  • Format : Black & White
  • Size : 5" X 7.5"

Once again, Takashi and his friends are without shelter and on the run. The group gradually make their ways to the local police station, where the hungry officers within give a whole new meaning to the phrase "police brutality." After tidying up, the team reloads and begins their search of the station: Rei for news of her father, and Saya for information. There may be on last chance for them to get out of town, but will Rei and Takashi's parents still unaccounted for and a throng of undead standing between them and freendom, will the friends be able to make it in time?