Gundam HGCE 1/144 Infinite Justice Gundam

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Gundam HGCE 1/144  Infinite Justice Gundam
  • Produced by : Bandai
  • 1/144 Scale Model
  • Series : Gundam Seed Destiny
  • Assembling required
  • Comes with instruction booklet in Japanese

Continuing the celebration of the 15th Anniversary of Gundam SEED Destiny are two new HGCE model kits. Tis the HGCE Infinite Justice utilizes a new hip structure, a wider range of movement is achieved to recreate its kicking movements in the TV Anime! Includes Beam Rifle, 2 Beam Sabers, Beam Carry shield with boomerang, energy shield, and claw gimmick, and beam blade effect parts for the Fantom-01 backpack and legs. The Windam arrives with an updated design and adopts the FINE BUILD joint structure construction system for ease of assembly. Windam's Jet Striker backpack is articulated and can be docked on other Striker Pack system units as well as equipping other Striker Packs itself! Includes beam rifle, beam sabers, shield, and missiles for Jet Striker.