GTO DVD Vol. 07

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GTO DVD Vol. 07
  • Released By : Tokyo Pop
  • Length : 100min
  • DUAL Language : English/Japanese
  • Subtitled : English
  • Region : 1

Meet Eikichi Onizuka, a 22-year-old virgin and ex-biker. He's crude, foul-mouthed, and has a hair-trigger temper. His goal: to be the Greatest High School Teacher in the World! Contains Episode 28 Whatever Can Go Wrong, Will Go Wrong. Tomoko is exposed to the harsh reality of professional pageantry. Episode 29 Studies in HIgh Finance. Onizuka's students learn the fine art of embezzlement. Episode 30 Money Talks, GTO Walks. Onizuka tracks down a missing student after he is accused of theft. Episode 31 Destination: Okinawa. To make up for past mistakes, Onizuka promises to take the entire class to Okinawa.