Gokudo DVD Vol. 04: Witches Extraordinaire (Used)

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Gokudo DVD Vol. 04:  Witches Extraordinaire (Used)
  • Released By : Media Blasters
  • Length : 100 minutes
  • Language : English & Japanese
  • Subtitle : English
  • Region : 1

The odds may be stacked against Gokudo, but he's not planning to slow down any time soon. He's still got a pair of bubble-headed Chinese witches to deal with, and now he has to work side by side with a magical talking panda. If all that isn't confusing enough, Gokudo's journey is interrupted when he wakes up one morning and realizes that he's a girl again! A mysterious curse has caused everyone to change places, and Gokudo has ended up in Rubette's body. There's no justice in this world! What has a lying, cheating, sniveling weasel like Gokudo ever done to deserve this?Contains Episodes 15-18