Get Backers DVD Vol. 08

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Get Backers DVD Vol. 08
  • Released By : ADV
  • Length : 125 minutes
  • Language : English/Japanese
  • Subtitle : English
  • Region : 1
  • Contains Episodes 36-40

Vol. 08 Memories, Mementos & Monkeys

The past can haunt youα Old foes can track you downα But nothing's quite as terrifying asα Apes with an attitude problem! You can't outrun the past. Whether it's a bad memory that dogs you, a good one you're trying to hang onto, or an old nemesis you can't quite shake loose, the past is always right over your shoulder. Good thing the Get Backers are here, ready to turn the crud of yesterday into the cold hard cash of today! Himiko's hot on the trail of a kidnapped child-but will her memories keep her from getting the baby back safely? Ban and Ginji hit the beach for some R&R, leaving the next recovery job up toαNatsumi?! Shido is locked in a vicious battle with an Insect Master bent on destroying him. Ginji does something really dumb and winds up in the middle of a madcap hospital farce. And a pack of monkeys harass Ban and Ginji, forcing Shido to choose who he loves more: man or beast! Crazy? Nope. Just another day on the job for our heroes, the Get Backers!