Gankutsuou DVD 04 Chapter 04

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Gankutsuou DVD 04 Chapter 04
  • Released By : Pioneer
  • Length : 100 min
  • Language : English/Japanese
  • Subtitled : English
  • Region : 1
  • Contains Episodes 13-16

Death is certain, its hour uncertain..

The Count's vicious net of vengeance is closing in, and everything Albert has ever known is crumbling around him! First, Villefort is stripped of power, leaving him dangerously unstable. Next, General Morcerf's presidential campaign and place in Parisian society is utterly ruined by Haidee's shocking declaration. To make matters worse, Eugenie gets engaged to a new man, Franz suddenly leaves on a secretive trip, and Beauchamp is the journalist who exposed the Morcerf scandal to the world! Who is there left for Albert to trust? Will he finally discover what role The Count has played in destroying the lives of the people Albert has always known?