Force of Will TCG Booster New Dawn Rises

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Force of Will TCG Booster New Dawn Rises
  • Produced by : Force of Will Co., LTd
  • English Edition
  • Comes Pre-Built Deck(50), Limited Ruler(1), Reference(1), Rules sheet(1), Play mat(1)

Inspired by fairy tales and mythological and literary characters, the Force of Will Trading Card Game invites you to wage war between Gods and Demons in the battle-fraught world of Valhalla. In Force of Will, players use Avatars to summon Resonators (creatures) for battle using the power of Will. Force of Will is introduced in five unique, pre-constructed, 50-card Starter Decks (Jet Black Phantom, Knights of the Round Table, Magic Circle of the Hurricane, Royal Palace of the Roaring Seas, and Wolves of the Raging Flames) containing a Reference sheet, a Rules sheet, and a play mat, as well as 10-card boosters packed in 36-count displays.