Evangelion Evolution Revoltech EVA-02 Beast Mode

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Evangelion Evolution Revoltech EVA-02 Beast Mode
  • Produced by : Union Creative
  • Revoltech EVANGELION EVOLUTION EVA-01 Test Type "Awakened Ver."
  • Height : 5.51" Tall
  • Optional Parts Included
  • Fully Articulate Action Figure

The Beast is back, Kaiyodo's Revoltech Evangelion Evolution Unit-02 Beast Form has returned for another release! When Mari Illustrious Makinami hijacks EVA-02 in Evangelion 2.0: You Can (Not) Advance, she takes it to the limits of its capabilities and into its awesome and frightening Beast mode in its final moments--and now you can add The Beast to your Revoltech lineup! Made from all-new parts to replicate EVA-02's altered form, it's loaded with Revoltech joints to help it get into any wild pose imaginable, even two of the control rods in its back are jointed. Effect parts for its head and arm can recreate the horrific damage sustained in EVA-02's final battle, as well as "ripping effect" parts for each hand from when EVA-02 tore apart the Angel's AT Field. The posing stand is made of clear material and features extension rods for amazingly dynamic posing possibilities! This 5.5" tall dynamo is definitely something you'll want to have in your collection!