Doki Doki School Hours Original Soundtrack

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Doki Doki School Hours Original Soundtrack
  • Publisher : Pioneer
  • Manufactured in the U.S.A.
  • Run Time : 43 min

Nothing beats drifting off blissfully during a boring class... unless you're enjoying a curriculum that includes the 39 tracks found in the "Doki Doki School Hours Original Sound Track." Simple, without being sentimental, these harmonious instrumental tracks ensure a pleasant listening experience, while also featuring the charming opening theme song, "I Will Tell You" by the group, can/goo (known for their theme song to the series, "UltraManiac") as well as the ending theme, "A Jilted Kind of Rock 'n' Roll."

  1. I Will Tell You (TV Size)
  2. The Class Start!
  3. Meet Our Teacher
  4. Morning-Almost Ready to Get Out of Bed
  5. Chat In the Classroom
  6. Passionate Love-Happy Sitting Next to Him (He Says)
  7. Activities
  8. SERIOUS Activities
  9. Hard Questions
  10. We Are The Class
  11. She's Our Idol (Nearly 30, though...)
  12. Break!
  13. Meet Our Teacher II - Intermission
  14. After School
  15. The Campus in the Twilight
  16. Christmas Break
  17. Meet Our Teacher III - Pensiveness
  18. The Class Re-Starts Soon
  19. Re-Start!
  20. Meet Our Teacher ~ short version
  21. She's Our Idol II -Happy Watching Her Giving a Lecture (She Says)
  22. High School Babes (Me, too, he says)
  23. Summer Break
  24. Vacation
  25. We Are The Class II -Easy
  26. Meet Our Teacher IV -Bungle
  27. Meet Our Teacher V -Uneasy
  28. Kid Stuff
  29. The Autumn-Tinted Campus
  30. We Are The Class III -Blue
  31. Dreams
  32. Our Friendship
  33. What These Guys Doing?...
  34. Nightmare (Fail in the exam... !?)
  35. Meet Our Teacher IV -Queer
  36. Alone in the Classroom
  37. Kotsu High School Song
  38. We Are The Class IV -Under the Full-blown Cherry Trees
  39. A Jilted Kind of Rock'n Roll (TV size)