Desert Prince Graphic Novel

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Desert Prince Graphic Novel
  • Publisher : 801 Media
  • Authors : Shushushu Sakurai
  • Format : Black & White

Zaeek, the third prince of Ababida, isn't used to hearing the word "no." After all, his life of opulence and luxury knows no bounds... and he's drop-dead gorgeous, too! But can he hope to catch the eye and win the heart of sweet Haruto, the archaeology student who rescued him from collapsing in the desert? It'll take more than mounds of money for this nobleman to gain the trust of an innocent man!

The Desert Prince is an oasis of beautiful men breaking the rules in order to satisfy their deepest desires! Whether they're wealthy beyond compare or struggling to make their dreams a reality, these lovers know that the greatest reward of all is a great time in bed! Which exotic couple will keep you coming back for more?