Demon Prince Children of Gaia Graphic Novel 01

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Demon Prince Children of Gaia Graphic Novel 01
  • Publisher : Dimensional Manga
  • Rated : T for Teen
  • Creator by Dil
  • Format : Black & White
  • Genre : Action
  • Size : Approx. 5.75" X 8"
  • Page : 184

Driven by circumstance and guidance, the past may destroy friendships and the destiny for all those involved.

Two future masters of the secret arts, Kuro-seishin and Aka-seishin will help ensure nothing may harm the world as we know it. Through a tragic encounter with the Demon Lord Garuda, the two masters gained secrets the world wasn't to know. Did their fathers leave them with everything they intended? Wasabi and Ren have decided to pass on what they know. The knowledge gained indicates that the danger from the past is a certainty now. The years have worn the masters beyond physical capacity. Their students are the only ones in a position to deal with what lies ahead, unknowingly, that the friendships they hold, may be compromised or even broken.

Are the teachings passed on all there is to know? The masters have now come to realize that they may have gone through life without question or real thought, merely following, reacting or dwelling on what life seems to throw at them.

Will their students turn out any different? Is the world really as limited as we have come to think it? Or have we been seeing a limited version..