Dance of Death DVD

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Dance of Death DVD
  • Released By : Crash Cinema
  • Length : 90 min, Uncut Remastered
  • Language : English
  • Region : 1

Care to Dance?

Angela Mao Ying (who wowed audiences worldwide in Bruce Lee's Enter The Dragon) stars in this action packed kung fu fable. Mao plays Fei Fei, an orphan girl disguised asia boy who seeks revenge against a ruthless gang for the murder of her clan. Fei Fei enlists the aid of two men, tricking them into teaching her their martial arts skills. A number of innovative training and fighting scenes lead up to a spectacular conclusion. This new to video classic features beautiful costumes, clever plot turns, memorable dialogue, and the martial arts direction of international action star Jackie Chan (Rush Hour, Rumble In The Bronx). A must see!