Crest of the Stars Collector's Edition Novel 01 (HC)

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Crest of the Stars Collector's Edition Novel 01 (HC)
  • Publisher : J-Novel Club
  • Genre : Action, Fantasy, Science Fiction
  • Rated : 13+
  • Author : Hiroyuki Morioka
  • Format : Black & White, Hardcover
  • Size : 5 1/8" x 7 1/4"
  • Pages : 500
  • Release date : 03/03/20

Volumes 1-3, now in a collectors hardcover edition, and with a brand new translation!

In the far-distant future, mankind has traversed the stars and settled distant worlds. But no matter how advanced the technology of the future becomes, it seems the spacefaring nations cannot entirely shed their human nature. Jint Lin finds this out the hard way when, as a child, his home world is conquered by the powerful Abh Empire: the self-proclaimed Kin of the Stars, and rulers of vast swaths of the known universe. As a newly-appointed member of the Abh's imperial aristocracy, Jint must learn to forge his own destiny in the wider universe while bearing burdens he never asked for, caught between his surface-dweller ⌠Lander÷ heritage and the byzantine culture of the Abh, of which he is now nominally a member. A chance meeting with the brave-but-lonely Apprentice Starpilot Lafier aboard the Patrol Ship Goslauth will lead them both headfirst down a path of galaxy-spanning intrigue and warfare that will forever change the fate of all of humankind.