Core Scramble Graphic Novel 03

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Core Scramble Graphic Novel 03
  • Publisher : Net Comics
  • Genre : Boys love, Romance, Drama
  • Rated : Age 16+
  • Author : Euho Jun
  • Format : Black & White
  • Size : Approx. 5" X 7"
  • Pages : 200
  • Release date : 03/15/16

During a titanic battle with a monstrous bug, Chaeun's protective mentor Geumpyo suffers a devastating wound. Clarus Orbis forces him into permanent retirement. Under the command of his sadistic chief Gayoon, Chaeun must now survive completely on his own. Even worse, Gayoon aims to use Chaeun to satisfy his sinister lusts. During a massive three-way fight between dimensional bugs, Clarus Orbis and Moonhoo's Core Hunters, Chaeun is forced to use forbidden dark magic to save Moonhoo. And Chaeun's life will never be the same again.