Claws of Darkness Graphic Novel 04

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Claws of Darkness Graphic Novel 04
  • Publisher : Dr Master
  • Rating : Parental Advisory Ages 18+
  • Author/Illustrator : Jerry Cho
  • Based on the novel by : Jozev
  • Format : Full Color
  • Size : Approx. 7" X 10"
  • Page : 72

Nicholas receives an invitation to Gino Carlo's villa outside of town. Neither man trusts the other and each warily decides if cooperate is possible. Gino heads to the secret cartel meeting with the other drug lords. As negotiations break down and suspicions abound, an all out war breaks out within the meeting, and members are relentlessly killed. Meantime, Nicholas visits Carlo's mistress Simone to discover the secret of Gino's true nature. In the aftermath of the killings, Gino Carlos reflects on his rise to power and the mysterious man that made it possible. He decides to double back to the villa in an attempt to capture Bane.