Chinese Hero - Tales of the Blood Sword Graphic Novel 05

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Chinese Hero - Tales of the Blood Sword Graphic Novel 05
  • Publisher : Dr Master
  • Rating : Ages 13+
  • Author : Wing Shing Ma
  • Format : Full Color
  • Size : 7" X 10"
  • Page : 208

Hero defeats Steel Bull and rescues the captured people in Steel Bull Valley. However, before dying, Steel Bull lets out a battle cry, calling a stampede of mad bulls charging into the valley and furiously attacking everyone. The crazed bulls are eventually defeated, but with tragic consequences... While Hero is trying to get back to China Tower, he meets a soothsayer who tells him that he is going to be lonely for the rest of his whole life. Hero sees this as a dark omen of more unfortunate events to come... Meanwhile, China Tower is attacked while Hero is gone, and Zhi, Qin and Ghost Servant fight for their lives as they desperately try to fend off the Black Dragon Gang. Will China Tower be crushed? And will Zhi, Qin and Ghost Servant come out alive? Find ' out what happens in this action-packed volume of Chinese Hero!