Bozu Coffee T-Shirt (Navy)

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Bozu Coffee T-Shirt (Navy)
  • Produced By : J-List
  • Material : 100% Cotton
  • Image : Large Front Print
  • Title : Bozu Coffee
  • Style : Navy T-Shirt

The Japanese are big fans of product parody T-shirts, which mock famous Japanese products. We've come up with a great product parody mocking Suntory's Boss Coffee, the leading brand of canned coffee in Japan: our version is BOZU, which means a bald-headed Buddhist priest. This T-shirt looks great, and will elicit looks of utter confusion from Japanese who happen to see it, creating a great potentiual conversation starter for you. A wacky and esoteric original T-shirt designed by illustrator Kenji Takahashi. Grab this Navy Blue shirt today.