Boys Be DVD 02 Summer

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Boys Be DVD 02 Summer
  • Released By : Right Stuff
  • Rating : 13+
  • Genre : Drama, Romance
  • Length : 100 min
  • Language : English/Japanese
  • Subtitle : English
  • Region : 1
  • Contains Episodes 4-7 and a special 16-page booklet

It's the rainy season, and with the soft rain showers and blooming hydrangea, Kyoichi's classmate Aki's thoughts are drifting back to her middle-school crush, a shy cameraman named Ueno. When a chance meeting in the park brings him back into her life, she begins to notice that he's changed, somehow. Is he still the boy she once loved? After the rains clear, summertime is full swing! And you all know what that means: sunny days, sprawling beaches, and gorgeous girls in skimpy suits! Makoto and Kyoichi have landed the jobs of a lifetime - they get to work part-time at the beach with a great view of the female clientele! That's what they thought, anyway, until they met their new boss - a hulking brick wall of a man who's not about to let them get a moment's peace.