Boss Graphic Novel Vol. 02

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Boss Graphic Novel Vol. 02
  • Publisher : ADV
  • Author : Lim Jae-Won
  • Format : Black & White
  • Page : 184

Where there's a will, there's a rumble-and for Sang-Tae Hyun, rumbling means trouble! Chung-Ki Na knows no mercy when it comes to his rib-crushing blows, leaving Sang-Tae to fight his way out of Yong-San City. But when the violence carries over to Woo-Sang High School, a whole new game begins. The scheming Guk-Oo prepares to vanquish his enemies and rule over them with an iron fist. When Sang-Tae steps in to correct the situation, justice suddenly doesn't seem to be in the good guy's favor. The penalties are stiff, and the promises made might just be tougher than being kicked in the teeth! What choices will Sang-Tae make? Find out, as the street drama continues in The Boss!