Border Graphic Novel Vol. 02

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Border Graphic Novel Vol. 02
  • Publisher : June
  • Authors : Kazuma Kodaka
  • Format : Black & White

The target for Yamato and the guys is the truly evil Zama, a sleazy drug dealer who forces runaways and kids under his control to push for him. But Zama's also the man who left a teenaged Tamaki deeply scarred. Though he knows all too well how demented Zama can be, Tamaki insists he can stop the monster dead in his tracks! Will the team race to his aid when he needs them most?

Border gathers a gang of misfit best friends with a yen for kicking ass, taking names and solving crimes! When a face from a partner's past resurfaces with vengeance on the brain, it's up to each man to stand tall and fight back. But no matter how treacherous the turf or vicious the villain, they all know that no man is as strong as the team that stands behind him.