Blue Seed DVD Vol. 02

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Blue Seed DVD Vol. 02
  • Released By : ADV
  • Length : 180 minutes
  • Language : English, Spanish and Japanese
  • Subtitles: English
  • Region : 1

Not so long ago, Mamiji Fujimiya was a typical teenage girl. But that was before a monster straight out of Japanese legend destroyed her school and she learned that her blood contains the power to hold the nightmare demon at bay. Now, she fights for her life and the survival of mankind on an almost daily basis. Fortunately, Momiji, is not alone in her fight. Joining her are the agents of the TAC, a super-secret government agency equipped with the latest technology. But will even the most advanced weapons be enough to stope the Aragami before Majimi is required to make the ultimate sacrifice? Don't miss the second act of the animated horror classic Blue Seed: Descent into Terror!