Basic Instinct 2 DVD (Live)

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Basic Instinct 2 DVD (Live)
  • Released By : Sony
  • Rated : Unrated
  • Unrated Extended Cut
  • Length : 116 min
  • Language : English, French
  • Subtitled : English, French
  • Region : 1
  • Anamorphic Widescreen

She captivated moviegoers with her raw sensuality and steel heart. Now Sharon Stone is back as the notorious crime novelist, Catherine Tramell. This time she proves to be respected criminal psychologist Dr. Michael Glass' (David Morrissey) deadliest challenge. With professional boundaries blurred by obsession, Dr. Glass is lured into a murderous web of lies and deceit and begins a torrid affair with Tramell that takes him to the point of no return. As their passions rise, so does the body count - and Dr. Glass faces a choice that will change his life forever.