Aquarian Age DVD The Movie Limited Edition

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Aquarian Age DVD The Movie Limited Edition
  • Released By : Synch-Point
  • Limited Edition to 10,000 Units
  • Length : 60 minutes
  • Format : Subtitled / Dubbed
  • Region : 1
Special Features include:
  1. Limited Edition Trading Card Box
  2. Limited Edition Aquarian Age Trading Cards
  3. Aquarian Age the Movie Soundtrack featuring the opening song "Change My Heart" by Yoko Takahashi
  4. Aquarian Age - Juvenile Orion Graphic Novel Volume 1
  5. Aquarian Age - Juvenile Orion Key Chains: Kaname, Isshin and Naoya (Set of 3)
  6. Creditless Opening and Ending
  7. Aquarian Age Trading Card Game Tutorial Featurette
  8. Bilingual (Japanese/English) with optional English subtitles
  9. Japanese video promotions for the Aquarian Age Trading Card Game
  10. Illustration Gallery featuring the art of the Aquarian Age Trading Card Game
  11. Bonus Aquarian Age Information Booklet with character profiles, faction information, soundtrack notes, and story epilogues.

The world is not what it seems. Secretly, young girls from 3 different factions have been fighting to rule the world for ages: the mystical Arayashi in the East, the secret society of WIZ-DOM in the West, and Darklore, decedents of an ancient race.

In the 21st century - the era astrologists refer as the Aquarian Age - a new sect of girls have banded together as the Evolutional Girls Organization (E.G.O.) to battle against the established factions. And now, certain gifted men have become directly involved in the war. These "Mindbreakers" have the power to control the girls and awaken the latent powers within them. They also seek to rule the world.

As the factions ready for battle, a new threat has come upon the horizon. An alien fleet orbits the earth, one with the ability to wipe out enemies completely and instantly, thus earning the name "Erasers."

And so rises the age of chaos. The fate of the Earth - of the galaxy - will be decided in the Aquarian Age.