Again!! Graphic Novel 11

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Again!! Graphic Novel 11
  • Publisher : Kodansha Comics
  • Creator : Mitsurou Kubo
  • Rated : OT Ages 16+
  • Genre : Comedy
  • Format : Black & White
  • Size : 5.75" X 8.25"
  • Pages : 192
  • Release date : 10/01/19

What Makes a Team Work?

Having finally found some confidence, Kinichiro is stepping up to the plate as the primary candidate for captain of the ouendan. But can a born rebel like him really become a leader? Usami wants to find out, and she's not afraid to toughen up her already harsh training regimen to do so. And when the ouendan's former captain, Natsuhiko Kondo, shows up, Usami's sure he can provide the example Kinichiro needs. But these days, Natsuhiko seems to assert his authority in some very unscrupulous ways...