Adventures of Young Det Graphic Novel 03

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Adventures of Young Det Graphic Novel 03
  • Publisher : NETCOMICS
  • Creator : Gyojeong Kwon
  • Rating : All Ages
  • Genre : Comedy
  • Format : Color
  • Size : Approx. 5.5" X 8"
  • Page : 208

Det and Osen set out on their journey and arrive at the village of Horan whose simple inhabitants are being plagued by a race of dog-men known as the Saino. Fortunately, the mysterious sorcerer back in their home village of Ogean told them the secret of repelling the doglike monsters.

With the aid of a beautiful Tempo lady named Fore the two boys defend the village.

They begin to wonder if all of their journey will be as violent as Horan. With the Saino's first attacks repelled, Det, Osen, and Fore journey to the next town of Elvias to plead for weapons and aid, but the Lord of Elvias has his own problems to deal with.

A dark plague of winged monsters relentlessly attacks the townsfolk during the day. Not even a sorcerer's wisdom can solve their dilemma.

And this time, before the battle is through, they will suffer a high price in blood.