Absolute Zone Skirt T-Shirt (Black)

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Absolute Zone Skirt T-Shirt (Black)
  • Produced By : J-List
  • Material : 100% Pure Cotton
  • Image : Large Front Print
  • Title : Absolute Zone Skirt
  • T-Shirt Color : Black

One of the most popular trends in female anime characters is known as "zettai ryouiki" which can be translated as "absolute territory," and it describes the "sweet three-centimeter space" (from the Lucky Star opening lyrics) between the top of a girl's stockings and where her skirt starts. Here's a new shirt that celebrates this little bit of perfection in every female, which reads "zettai ryoiki" in kanji, plus, "There is a three-centimeter space between the top of a girl's stockings and her skirt."