3 X 3 Eyes Vol. 03: Flight of the Demon

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3 X 3 Eyes Vol. 03: Flight of the Demon
  • Publisher : Dark Horse Comics
  • Format : Black and White
  • Yuzo Takada

From a hidden world in the Tibetan highlands comes Pai, a strange and beautiful girl with a difference : three eyes and three hundred birthdays behind her! Sent to Tokyo by a dying anthropologist. Pai must find the scientist's son. Yakumo, to help her in her quest to become human! But when to save Yakumo's life Pai merges his soul with that of her immortal supernatural familiar. The urgency of their mission becomes even greater as Yakumo discover the existence of a statue that may help end their quest. But to obtain it they'll have to take on every manner of foul monstrosity, the dwellers in the dark who need the statue to revive a dread demonic lord and bring about an inhuman kingdom of immortal evil