20th Century Boys DVD 03 (Live)

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20th Century Boys DVD 03 (Live)
  • Released By : Viz
  • Length : 155 min
  • Language : Japanese
  • Subtitles : English
  • Region : 1

It is now 2017, and after the spread of the deadly virus in Tokyo, a wall was built around the city and people's lives have been restricted. As World President, Friend tells everyone that on August 20th, aliens will destroy mankind and only those who believe in him will be saved.

Kanna and Yoshitsune both lead rebel groups in an attempt to fight against Friend. Maruo finally finds Kenji's sister and Otcho makes his way back to Tokyo reuniting with Kanna. As a familiar song plays from the radio, is it proof that Kenji is still alive?

At the same time, outside the wall, one man was determined to go see Kanna. Everyone is ready to make their final stand and all mysteries are soon revealed.