Naruto Shippuden 4" Poseable AF - Itachi

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Naruto Shippuden 4" Poseable  AF - Itachi
  • Publisher : Toynami
  • Naruto Shippuden Poseable 4 Inch Action FIgure Series 1
  • 4" tall

Naruto: Shippuden picks up the adventures of the now more mature Naruto and his fellow ninjas on Team Kakashi, reunited after a two and a half year separation. Naruto returns to Hidden Leaf Village with more power and stamina than ever. He still dreams of becoming the next Hokage, but obstacles keep popping up to block his path! Toynami prodly announces the first series in the Naruto Poseable action figures! You can choose from three of your favorite characters: Naruto, Kakashi and Itachi. Each figure is fully articulated and features accessories and display stands!