Gundam MG 1/100: GM Sniper II

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Gundam MG 1/100: GM Sniper II
  • Produced by : Bandai
  • 1/100 Scale Model
  • Origin : Mobile Suit Gundam 0080: War in the Pocket
  • Assembling required
  • Comes with instruction booklet in Japanese

The GM Sniper II, the Scarlet Team's elite mobile suit, has now launched in the MG line-up! The model kit incorporates a new waist-mobility gimmick that enables it to smoothly recreate a sniping pose. In addition to this, the range of movement in the shoulder has been increased, allowing the model ease of movement. The sensor has been recreated using clear parts and the visor can also be opened or closed. A right hand part with a cocked finger is included to add realism to the Sniper Rifle pose. Set includes Sniper rifle, Bullpup machine gun, shield, Two beam sabers, machine gun magazines, gun-wielding hand, clenched hand, clenched hand for weapons, open hand, and pilot figurine.