Dragonball Super UDM Mini Mascot Collection Keychain (Random

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Dragonball Super UDM Mini Mascot Collection Keychain (Random
  • Publisher : Banpresto
  • Size : Approx. 2"
  • Blind Box Assortment; You will receive random one when ordering
  • 6 in the set
  • Collect them all while supplies last!

The Dragonball Super UDM mini mascot collection has been one of the most comprehensive and beloved figure charm collections for Dragon Ball fans around the world. This collection of Dragon Ball Super mascot charms features some of the most popular characters of the franchise including warriors from the anime and various video games! Featured in this assortment are fighters every fan can appreciate including Super Saiyan Blue Vegeta, Fusion Zamasu, SS Future Trunks, SS Bardock, and SS Rose Goku Black! Dragon Ball enthusiasts will happily pick these up to attach to their keys, tote bags, jacket zippers and more. Blind mystery box packaging.