Dragon Ball Z TV 61 : Great Saiyaman Crash Course

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Dragon Ball Z TV 61 : Great Saiyaman Crash Course
  • Released By : Funimation
  • Length : 61 min, Uncut
  • Language : English/Japanese
  • Subtitle : English
  • Region : 1, 2, 4
  • Contains Episodes 192-194

Take Flight, Videl "Episode 192)

With the World Martial Arts Tournament fast approaching, Videl and Goten must learn to fly, and fast! Gohan reveals the secret of flying, and struggles to coach his two students into the air! Miles away, Vegeta is holding a training session of his own, and gets a big surprise from his young son, Trunks!

Gather For The Tournament "Episode 193)

Videl masters the art of flying, and Gohan and Goten do some last minute honing of their Super Saiyan skills. The big day soon arrives, and the Z fighters reunite! But what do you say to a hero who's been dead for seven years?!

Camera Shy "Episode 194)

Crowds of fans and fighters line the tournament streets. Among them: the high school jock Sharpner, who discovers his crush Videl has set her heart on the mysterious Great Saiyaman! Sharpner vows to ruin the caped fighter by unmasking his true identity and capturing it on film!